What to Bring

Things You Should Bring

Passport with visa
Photocopy of passport pages (photo page and visa page)
Normal personal items, toiletries, medications
Camera and/or video camera, if you wish
Sweater or light jacket
Small flashlight
Flip-flops for the shower
Umbrella and rain wear
Kleenex, moistened hand tissues
Small bottle of hand sanitizer
Missalette in English, as Mass will be in Russian
Favorite snacks (although some snack foods are available in stores)
Adapter plugs for hair dryers, shavers, etc. (see FAQs for more info)
Twin sheets or a sleeping bag (Blankets and pillows are provided.)
American bills in like-new condition. Our parishioner guides in Vladivostok will help you exchange money.

Things You Cannot Bring

Any items forbidden by American, Russian, Korean, or other airlines
Illegal drugs
Walkie-talkies or any other radio-transmitting device

Things you Cannot Bring Out of Russia

Any considerable amount of currency, unless you declared it upon arrival
More money than you brought in
True antiquarian items including real icons (see FAQs for more info)
More than the allowable quantities of alcoholic beverages
Caviar, any fish, animal skins, and ivory
Expensive items that you brought in but failed to declare upon entry into Russia
Expensive items that you bought in Russia, but for which you have no sales receipt

Things You Shouldn’t Bring

Expensive or unnecessary jewelry or watches
Travelers’ checks
Gift items for the church staff in Russia