Meet Our Priests & Seminarians

Fr. Inosensius Hetu, CJD hails from Mauloo, Flores Island, Indonesia, and had already completed seminary when he sought to join the order and begin his novitiate. Before he was ordained, he had already organized a group of seminarians who were interested in joining the order. He had also served as a theology teacher and vocations speaker. After his ordination in 2013, he became superior of the nascent community in Maumere, Indonesia. At present, Fr. Ino is working toward a PhD in Development in the Philippines.

Fr. Ferdinandus Wele, CJD is from Ende, Flores Island, Indonesia, and is the 4th priest in the order. Like Fr. Ino, he had already completed his studies by the time he discovered the order. Fr. Ferdi is known for his winning smile and for his quick response to any problem or emergency. He was ordained in 2016 and is now helping to oversee the community of seminarians in Indonesia.

Fr. Jacob Dambe, CJD is from Sulawesi Island, Indonesia. Before coming to us, he had worked for several years as a parish catechist in Papua, New Guinea. Fr. Jacob has an interest in agriculture and gardening and, during his novitiate year in Vladivostok, tended the parish garden. He was ordained in January of 2017 and now serves as the Dean of Students for the community in Maumere.

Fr. Yohanes Marinus, CJD is from Enak, Indonesia. He had been the general manager of a hotel business in Jakarta, when his boss met Fr. Myron and insisted that Yohanes should be a priest. Shortly thereafter, Yohanes returned to the seminary, and eventually completed his novitiate in Vladivostok. While in Russia, he became popular with children at the orphanage for arranging and coaching soccer teams. Ordained in 2017, Fr. Yohanes now serves as econome and as acting local superior of the community in Maumere.

Fr. Jose Unlayao, CJD grew up in the Philippines and completed his seminary studies in 2008. He then worked as a school chaplain and theology teacher. Not long after discovering the order, he became involved as a novice, serving the Church in Vladivostok. Later, he moved to the diocese of Las Vegas where he was ordained in 2017. Fr. Jose has a Master’s degree in Moral Theology. At present, he is part of our new community in Las Vegas, serving our sister parish of St. Joseph Husband of Mary.

Fr. Luis Van Dam, CJD hails from Vietnam and was also ordained in 2017. Before coming to Vladivostok, he served as a high school theology teacher. During his time as novice, he became a favorite among the hospice patients for his concern for their welfare. He now serves in the diocese of Las Vegas, helping with the needs of the Vietnamese community there.

Information on our seminarians coming soon.