Become a Conference Representative

This is an easy and fun way to help the mission and to spread the word about our work. Representatives travel to meetings such as Marian Conferences, Diocesan-Sponsored Eucharistic Congresses, Annual Home School Conferences, Catholic Men’s and Women’s State or Regional Get-Togethers, and so forth. At the conference, reps will man a booth, handing out literature, talking to visitors about the mission, and/or selling religious goods.

We do our best to accommodate our volunteers who help in this way. We try to match representatives with nearby conferences to minimize travel time and costs. We “train” our helpers beforehand, by telling them what to expect, explaining our procedures, and providing them with plenty of literature so they can familiarize themselves with our work. We also do our best to pair new representatives with seasoned ones, so novices can learn the ropes without anxiety.

Although many representatives cover their own travel, food, and lodging costs, this is not required. The mission office will reimburse for mileage, hotel, and 1 meal a day, as long as the representative provides the appropriate receipts.

If you’re interested, or if you want to notify us of an upcoming conference in your area, contact the mission office. For those who have never attended a conference, who like to meet new people, or who wish to donate their time for just a short period, this might be the opportunity for you!