Donate Painlessly

We have a number of ways in which donors can help us out, sometimes without even knowing it! Below are some suggestions that might interest you.


Patrons of Save Mart, Lucky’s, FoodMaxx, and Smart Foods can have a portion of their grocery bill automatically donated to the mission each time they shop. All they have to do is enter their phone number at the checkout counter and have up to 3% of their total bill donated to the mission society. Every little bit helps, and together, members of Shares are donating around $3,000 to the mission each quarter!

Registering is a couple of quick steps. Please go to and follow the sign in prompts. Go to Advanced Find to select Mary Mother of God Mission Society as your charity.  If you do not use a computer please call the mission office for assistance.

Cell Phone Recycling

We are participating in a used cell phone recycling program. The mission society earns cash or office supply credit vouchers for turning in cell phones. Please contact us if you would like to help. We’ll send you a postage-paid label from the participating store(s). All you do is box up the recyclables, place the label on the box, and mail! There is no cost to you or the mission, and we’ll receive our office supply credits!

Sienna Communications Cell Phone Service

The pro-life, pro-family, U.S.-based Sienna Group at offers phones and cell service at competitive rates. The company also allows you to choose any charity listed on its site—including the Mary Mother of God Mission Society—to receive a small portion of your monthly bill. Simply select the mission society as your recipient when you sign up.


This is a simple way to support the mission every time you shop on Amazon. Here’s how to do it:

  1. First, go to to shop.
  2. Under Select a Charity, type in Mary Mother of God Mission Society.
  3. Click the Select button.
  4. On the next page, click the Select button again.
  5. You will be taken to a regular Amazon shopping page and can then shop normally.
  6. On the pages with eligible items, you can scroll down a little bit and see Eligible for AmazonSmile donation. Not every item is eligible for a donation, but tens of millions are.
  7. Once you purchase an eligible item, 0.5% of the purchase price will be donated to the mission society.


Make your search engine of choice and select Mary Mother of God Mission Society as the benefited recipient of your searches. You can do this right from their home page. For every search initiated, Good Search will donate 1 cent to the mission society. When you shop online at GoodShop through your GoodSearch engine, the mission will receive up to 15% of your purchase depending on the store you shop from. This can surely add up! In 2012, we earned $317 from GoodSearch.

eBay Giving Fund

Each time you sell something on eBay, you can donate a portion of the sale to the mission society. On eBay, go to PayPal Giving Fund and designate Mary Mother of God Mission Society as your charity.

Sign up for Automatic Withdrawal

The mission society can help you set up your checking account, savings account, or credit card for an automatic monthly donation. You may complete this Automatic Withdrawal Form, sign it, and mail it to us, and we will complete the paperwork. NOTE: Do not send the form or your account numbers to us via e-mail.

Frequent Flyer Miles

If you wish to donate your frequent flyer miles to the mission, contact the airline or the credit card company that issues the miles. They can help you with the transaction. You should know, however, that some companies may charge a significant fee for making the transfer, so the donation might not be as painless as hoped.

Employer Matching

If you work at one of these companies, your employer might double or even triple your donation to the mission society. The Human Resources Department can give you further information, and our office can help. Even if your employer is not listed, you might want to check and see if they have a similar program.