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If you wish to visit Vladivostok as part of a mission team, you will have a wonderful opportunity to get a real “insider’s view” of the Russian Far East. You will also see firsthand the work of the Catholic Church in Vladivostok and some of the nearby cities. Ultimately, you will leave with a deep and lasting sense of the need for a Christian presence in this formerly communist nation.

Atheistic Communism succeeded in totally destroying all signs of the Catholic Church. It also destroyed Russian families, the economy, and culture. Although things are turning around, a tremendous amount of work still lies ahead. Homes, parishes, and social structures are being rebuilt. This movement is truly of historical importance, especially for our Catholic Church.

If you cannot form your own mission team, you may wish to join up with an existing group. Most of our teams visit in the summer or fall when the weather is more accommodating. Teams usually consist of 3 to 12 members who travel together from the United States.

To learn more, please check out the additional links below. If you read the information thoroughly and are still interested in creating or joining a mission team, contact our mission office. We will put you in touch with someone who can assist with travel preparations.

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